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I'm Deborah Stonell, and apart from Jesus, my family and my cats, I love coffee & superheroes and I also LOVE empowering Christian women!


As women, we are constantly busy helping and supporting others, juggling everything from volunteering, doing ministry, looking after the family, helping out at church, and maintaining friendships, to working hard in our career and leading people at work or running our own businesses.


Oh yes, on the outside everything looks great and we maintain the façade, we spend a lot of time attending to the needs of others, we're actually really good at it and life is really busy, but deep down we know that there are areas in our life where we are not feeling fulfilled, something is missing or not quite right.


Where do you feel stuck, confused, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, frustrated or like you are in darkness? 


I got disillusioned and frustrated with the fact that my life didn't look anything like I thought it would or hoped it would by a certain point in my life.

I got busy with various ministries, facing burn out a few times.  Setting healthy boundaries for me, was a huge stumbling block.

I have over 25 years business experience including running my own businesses and that of others, plus I’m a certified Marriage Mentor and I am trained in inner healing.  I have led courses such as How to hear the Voice of God, School of the Supernatural and have been involved in prophetic ministry.

I get it, I really do.  I understand that women wear many hats and have a busy life but can still feel underutilised, overlooked and unfulfilled.  I certainly did.


I went on my own journey of discovery and with the help of coaching and revelation, I was made aware of the beliefs that were keeping me where I was and I learned how to put powerful strategies in place to get from where I am to where I want to be. 


I'm still a helpful, supportive and encouraging person but now I can do it in alignment with my values and on my terms, without any misplaced guilt. 


Now I am living my life intentionally and with purpose and I wake up to days that are filled with excitement, discovery and growth. 


My needs are no less important than anyone else's.  I'm no good to anyone, burnt out and neither are you!


Work with me and together, let's find out who you truly are, what you truly want, what you are truly suited to and what truly energises you. 


Let's get you doing more of what you WANT to do, rather than what you think you SHOULD be doing and let's tap into the mindset and strategy that will get you there!

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