You are just "settling" and not creating the impact that you could be, the one that God predestined for you.


When you move past your fears and truly step into who God created you to be and what He has for you, only then will you make the desired impact, make a difference in the world and be fulfilled.


​I help Christian women who are unfulfilled & who want more out of life to get unstuck, find purpose & experience true freedom by breaking through their limiting mindsets so that they can confidently use their God-given gifts & talents to make a difference & live a fulfilling life.

Empowering Christian Women


This will work for you even if:

You have a small business already but it's not energising you.

🔥 You have one or many business ideas but you've never actioned them.

🔥 You have no idea of what your purpose is.

🔥 You don't believe you have any gifts & talents.
🔥 Technology & business terminology scares you.
🔥 You think you have left it too late or that you are too old.
🔥 You think you've made too many mistakes & God won't use you.


Through coaching, mentoring, teaching & training, I work with you to see you set free from limiting mindsets; facilitate your breakthroughs, release your untapped dreams, desires & entrepreneurial aspirations and watch you soar to your God-given destiny!




***A confused mind takes no action….and that's where coaching is POWERFUL.    Coaching shines a light.***

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