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I'm Deborah Stonell and I help Christian women who struggle with identity and purpose outside of marriage and motherhood to gain confidence, clarity and a sense of freedom, so that they can achieve their God-given dreams and live their life empowered and fulfilled.

I am tickled pink that you are wanting to know more about me and why I do what I do!  I am passionate about seeing women set free to live the lives that God gave them. 

Through tradition, religion, responsibilities and society rules, many women have lost a sense of who they really are and the true power that they have in Christ.


In particular, mothers and wives, who have anchored their worth and their identity to their roles, not being confident of their abilities outside of marriage and motherhood, accepting a life ordinary, instead of amazing and believing that they have nothing of worth to offer, outside of family life, as such feeling lost and without a sense of purpose, especially once the children become more independent.

I believe that God is restoring these women to who they really are in Him, their true identity and uncovering the truth about the life that Christ came to set them free for, so that they can understand and experience the powerful and positive impact that only they can make, not just within their families, but on the world around them.

I got disillusioned and frustrated with the fact that my life didn't look anything like I thought it would or hoped it would by a certain point in my life. 

Most of my energies had been focused on marriage and motherhood, but it got to the point where I wanted more.  I knew I was made for more…I just didn’t know what! 

I wasn't a SAHM, I had a variety of jobs throughout my life and juggled marriage and motherhood.  All those years, I was searching, but I didn't know what for.   


I got divorced, emigrated, came back, got married to an amazing wonderful God-send, my son grew up, my husband had a great job and career path but what about me? 


I changed jobs so often, I just couldn't settle. Surely there was more to life than this?  I felt so lost and to be honest, outside of family, I felt useless.  I didn’t know what my part was in the Kingdom.

I got busy with various ministries, facing burn out a few times.  Setting healthy boundaries for me, was a huge stumbling block.
I have over 25 years business experience including running my own businesses and that of others, plus I’m a certified Marriage Mentor and I am trained in inner healing.  I have led courses such as How to hear the Voice of God, School of the Supernatural and have been involved in prophetic ministry.
I get it, I really do.  I understand that women wear many hats and have a busy life but can still feel underutilised, overlooked and unfulfilled.  I certainly did.
I didn't realise how easy it was to lose myself in all the noise, how easy it was to take on other people's stuff, agendas and ways of thinking, how easy it was to be the person they wanted me to be instead of the person God made me to be.  The guilt can be overwhelming!  I didn't know who I really was.
I was still searching but I didn't realise that I was searching for PURPOSE.

On my journey of discovery,  I had to learn and unlearn so much!   I gained confidence in being anchored in Christ and Christ alone - the freedom that came from that was truly amazing! 


I was able to set healthy boundaries to protect myself and my family, without guilt or manipulation wearing down on me. 


I gained clarity around my gifts, talents, skills and abilities and I learned how to read the road map that He had already placed in my life to find my purpose.

Aafter a series of a-ha moments and revelation from the Lord about how He wanted me to use my skills, passions and experience to help others, I trained to be a Breakthrough Coach and started my business

I realised that to live a true life of purpose, one has to crack the code of confidence, clarity and mindset.

I can help you to do this.

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