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Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your personal or professional life?
Do you find yourself repeatedly facing the same challenges and not getting the results you desire?
If so, it might be time to work with a life coach.

As a Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals get unstuck, I understand the importance of identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back. By working together, we will create a customized action plan designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes and live the life you want and with the added bonus of a ministry background in Sozo, How to the Hear the Voice of God, and more, I can help you with a variety of challenges.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when working with me:

Clarity: Through coaching, you will gain clarity on your goals, values, and what truly matters to you. This newfound understanding will help you make decisions with confidence and move forward with purpose.

Accountability: I will hold you accountable to your goals and provide ongoing support and encouragement as you work to achieve them. This will help you stay motivated and on track even when faced with challenges.

Personal Growth: Our coaching sessions will be an opportunity for you to reflect, explore new perspectives, and identify new growth opportunities. As a result, you will become more self-aware, confident, and empowered to take control of your life.

Freedom: I'll help you to uncover and overcome both hidden and known limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are hindering your progress.

Results: By working with me, you can expect to see real and meaningful results in your personal and professional life. Whether you want to improve your relationships, career, health, or any other aspect of your life, I will work with you to create a plan and support you every step of the way.


If you're ready to take control of your life and get unstuck, I'd love to help.  Click the button below to schedule a powerhouse introductory session and find out first hand how coaching can help you achieve your desired outcomes.


There are currently two ways to work personally with me:

1) Private 1 to 1 coaching

(consisting of weekly personal live video calls, 24 hour written support and coaching during coaching journey, private journaling via coaching platform and a plethora of tools and resources).

What does it cost?

6 week journey £497

12 week journey £897 (discount of £97)

Payment Plans are available.

How does it work?

Book an introductory session with me.  It costs £60.


And even if we decide to only have this one session, this is no ordinary session!  This powerful breakthrough session lasts up to 2 hours and gets you crystal clear on 3 things:


☑️ What you really want out of life

☑️ The challenges that are blocking you

☑️ The action plan that will get you from where you are to where you want to be

After your first session,  we'll mutually decide whether we want to continue the coaching relationship and if so, you'll be given a link to book your transformational coaching journey with me.


Book your introductory session via the button below.

2) Online Coaching Programs 

(consisting of 24 hour written support and coaching during program, private journaling via coaching platform and a plethora tools and resources). 

How does it work?

Coaching programs over set durations e.g. 6 weeks or 12 weeks.  You work through the modules on your own but you can interact with me as much or as little as you want via the program platform.  All support is written support via the platform.


Work through the program at your own pace, bearing in mind that 24 hour written support and coaching from me is only available during the program duration which begins from date of purchase. 


24 hour written support means I will answer your communication within 24 hours via the platform.


Once the program duration is over, you cease to have written support and coaching from me but you continue to have access to the program.


Click the name of the coaching program below to find out more info about each program.  Cost will be on the program page.


Click the provided link to pay for the program on the program page and instructions and access to the program will be given within 24 hours via email.

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ONLINE COACHING PROGRAMS with coaching support

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