Do you ever think
"What the heck is wrong with me?"

"I have a great job & benefits. Why do I still feel incomplete?"

On the outside everything looks great and you maintain the façade.


You spend a LOT of time supporting and helping others with their business or ministry and life is really BUSY, but deep down you know that what you REALLY want is to be your own boss and run your OWN business.

Your life is full but not fulfilled.

You’ve gotten to the point where you know it’s not enough to keep building someone else’s dream but you're scared about how to proceed.

I get it, I really do because this was me!

Yes, I’m extremely accomplished at being an office manager, administration support, secretary, personal assistant, HR support, operations manager & all those wonderful support roles but deep down, I knew I was hiding.

I’d had enough prophetic words, visions & dreams to know that God wanted me to come out of the shadows & besides which, I just couldn’t settle.


God had more for me.


With the help of coaching, I untangled my thoughts & brought forth my OWN God-given dream of being an entrepreneur in the online space. 

I fell in love with coaching and the amazing breakthroughs it brings.

I was made aware of the beliefs that were keeping me stuck & I learned how to put powerful strategies in place to get from where I am to where God wanted me to be.


I became a certified Breakthrough Coach because I had A PASSION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, to see women of God set free to powerfully live the lives He gave them, and I wanted to do it properly.

I believe He wants to release & accelerate many of those women into the business world as powerful entrepreneurs who flourish in impact & influence and I am excited to be a part of that calling.

And now I help purpose-driven Christian women who are stuck but who want more out of life, to become entrepreneurs and create a business that they love.

Together we uncover the GOD-GIVEN roadmap that leads to their business dream - the passion, gifts, talents, experience & more that are already inside, supported with the vision, mindset and the strategies needed to create a high impact business that will not only bless them but others too.

If you are a Christian woman with a deep desire to make an impact, make money & make a difference with your OWN online business but don’t know where to start or what to do, we should have a conversation!


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