Business Start Up Program

with 1 2 1 Coaching

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If you've never run your own business before and wouldn't even know where to begin but you fancy the freedom, creativity and autonomy of being an Entrepreneur, then this program with personalised 1 2 1 coaching is for YOU!

If you are interested, read on.....

This exclusively online Program runs over 12 weeks and includes personal coaching, detailed self - exploration lessons, inspired information sheets and 11 big bonuses!


This will work for you even if:

🔥 You have one or many business ideas but you've never actioned them.

🔥 You have no idea of what type of business you want.

🔥 You don't believe you have any gifts & talents.

🔥 You don't think you have the confidence or know-how.

🔥 Technology confuses or scares you.

🔥 You think you have left it too late to change or that you are too old.


Who is this Program for?


Women who have never run their own business before but desire to be an Entrepreneur.


How does it work?


At your own pace, you will complete the lessons, read the information sheets and consume the bonuses. 

Within the 12 week period of your start date to this Program, you will enjoy up to 6 personal coaching sessions with me. 


This will help you with accountability, clarity and the confidence to get your dream business up and running!


What does the coaching involve?


A combination of vision, strategy and mindset conversations and educating. 

Being an Entrepreneur is only 20% strategy.


Many entrepreneurs fail because they don't realise that their success relies on a whopping 80% mindset.  Running your own business will impact EVERY area of your life including finances and relationships.


As a Business & Mindset Coach, I will partner with you to not only support you on this new journey with the vision of your new business and the strategies required to move the needle forward but also to help you to breakthrough the limiting mindsets that exist already or that will inevitably crop up along the way.


What will I get at the end of the Program?


Although nothing can be guaranteed because it is your responsibility to do the lessons, book your coaching calls with me and take action where required, your solid commitment and coachability to this Program, will produce a viable working business idea for you within 12 weeks.

As an added bonus, you will understand yourself more deeply and have the confidence to live the life you want, which will flow positively into the other areas in your life.


What does it cost?


£1200 one off payment


Payment plan £500 per month for 3 months.


How do I get started?


First, we have a friendly video chat over coffee - it won't cost you anything - it's on Zoom and you don't even have to drink coffee...although I probably will be!


I like to have these calls to ensure that we are good fit for coaching and working together and it would be great to find out a bit more about you and your aspirations.

Plus it's an opportunity for you to ask any questions beforehand and for me to give you more information about the Program.

Any coaching that you will get on this free call is a bonus! 



(if you don't see a slot for that week - they're gone)

SO DON'T DELAY, LOCK IN YOUR TIME.  The sooner we chat, the sooner you can start!


Breakthrough Coaching that works for You!