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VIP Coaching

6 Weeks to Breakthrough

This is for you if you're a woman who feels like you're living but not really living and you would love to know EXACTLY what you want out of life and have an easy to follow plan that will get you there.

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In just 6 weeks you'll have a clearer understanding of who you are as a person, what motivates and drives your success, and how to achieve your goals in order to live the BEST possible life.


What do I get with this coaching?

  • 1 hour weekly personal sessions with me over a 6 week journey (that's 6 hours of coaching!)

  • Access to one on one support between sessions via private coaching platform  

  • Private journaling area

  • Powerful coaching tools & resources that you can keep and use over and over again   

How does it work?

You'll get access to the 6 weeks to Breakthrough Journey program via my private coaching platform.

You'll work at your own pace throughout the program duration, whilst receiving personal feedback and support from me every step of the way.  

Over the 6 weeks, we'll meet once a week in a private video call session for coaching, mentoring and teaching. 

We follow the program outline but each session can be tailored to your needs. 

What is the objective of this coaching program?

To help you to:

  • Raise your awareness and find out what you really want in life

  • Boost your self-worth and self-confidence

  • Discover and reach your full potential every day

  • Identify and live your priorities

  • Find new motivation, happiness, vitality, and joy in your life

What's the Program outline?

Week 1: Life Satisfaction and Priorities

I'll help you get a better understanding of your current situation, identify any neglected areas of your life, and devise action steps based on what you've learned.


Week 2: Using the Future for current gain

Together we'll identify concrete milestones and actions to get you moving towards the life you really desire.


Week 3: Start Making Changes Now

Your daily life is made up of a series of habits played out throughout the day. You'll learn how to develop strategies to change habits that aren't beneficial to you and how to overcome unhelpful patterns. You'll discover empowering and positive alternatives and get motivated to really take action now.


Week 4: Understanding and Improving your Money Mindset

Lack of money holding you back?  Do you never seem to have enough no matter what you do?  Deep dive into your relationship with money and get an understanding of your money mindset and where it came from.  No wishy washy stuff here!  You'll get a concrete call for action and commitment, to help improve and change your money story.


Week 5: Purpose and Passion

Without a life purpose as a compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you, making it harder if not impossible to reach your goals. Together we will identify, acknowledge, and honor your purpose and passion enabling you to set suitable and fulfilling goals. I promise to help you find what makes you happy and motivates you so that your goals feel more like adventures and less like obligations.


Week 6: Self-Esteem Inventory

Your levels of self-worth highly influence the results you accomplish every single day. I'll help you to gain a deeper understanding of your perception of your self-worth and identify those areas that you want to improve.

Bonus: Stop procrastinating and let's get it done

We all have things in our life that we put off doing but you'll learn how to make it fun and get things done in a timely manner. Get a sense of satisfaction as you discover how to want to move towards completing those projects and tasks on time.


What does it cost?


£497.  (This can be split into 2 payments, if that is helpful to you).


How do I apply to work with you one on one?


It's important for both Coach and Client to have a great connection, so before working with someone I like to have an initial quick chat to check rapport; after all we both want an amazing journey right?!


Click the link below to choose a day and time that suits you, fill out the short form and voila! - I'll see you online soon!

Breakthrough Coaching that works for You!

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