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Online Coaching Program

Purpose Breakthrough Journey

This is for you if you're a Christian woman who doesn't know her God-given purpose but you would love to know EXACTLY how you can make an impact and a difference in the world using your unique gifts & talents.

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On this 6 week journey you'll discover your unique God-given purpose AND put an action plan in place to make it a reality.  I've found that even when we know our purpose, lack of confidence, knowhow, fears and limiting beliefs can stop us from moving forward so not only will you learn how to use your gifts and talents to start making a difference in the world right now, you'll experience how to banish limiting beliefs, kick fear to the curb AND boost your confidence!

Whoa!  That's a journey worth taking 6 weeks out for, don't you agree?!


What do I get with this coaching?

  • Forever access to the coaching program*

  • Access to one on one written support during the program duration via private coaching platform**  

  • Private journaling area

  • Powerful coaching tools & resources that you can keep and use over and over again   

How does it work?

After payment, you'll get access to the Breakthrough  to Purpose Journey program via my private coaching platform within 24 hours.

You'll work at your own pace throughout the program duration, whilst receiving personal feedback and support from me every step of the way for the duration of the program.  

You interact with me as much or as little as you want during the program duration.  At the end of the program duration, you cease to receive written support and coaching from me but you continue to have access to the program.

What is the objective of this coaching program?

To help you to:

  • Increase your intimacy with the Lord and hear what He's got to say about you

  • Discover your purpose & create an action plan to make it a reality

  • Learn how to make a difference in the world right now

  • Banish limiting beliefs forever

  • Overcome fear

  • Boost your confidence.

What's the Program outline?

Week 1: Who Does God Say you are and How do you make it a reality?

Our identity in Him is our foundation. If we don't build on this foundation, nothing we build will be strong enough to withstand the pressures of life and the attacks of the enemy.  Learn how to hear God for yourself and build your life on  that strong foundation.


Week 2: Uncover your Purpose

Your purpose is buried in you like a seed. It's already there, you don't have to plant it. You just need to water it, nurture it and watch it grow! To do that, you need to know what it is. Discovering your purpose is like discovering already have the treasure map. Let me show you how to read it.


Week 3: Overcome your Fears

Many a time fear - real or perceived - holds us back from what we really want to do, what we were born to do and from our purpose. Everyone suffers from fear. The difference is some people continue on despite their fear - this is called being courageous. What is fear holding you back from? And what can you do about it?


Week 4: Boost your Confidence

Confidence is not to be confused with self-esteem although it often is. You could be confident in something and still have low self-esteem. That's because confidence is in the mastery - it comes from the doing. The more you do something, the more you will master it and the more confident you will get.  This will help you to see the confidence within.


Week 5: Banish Limiting Beliefs

We go through life at the mercy of our beliefs. In every situation our beliefs direct us; telling us what to say and what to think, what to do or what not to do but what if you didn't have to be beholden to your beliefs? What if you could take the reigns and have a clean and fresh start every day? How empowering would that be?!


Week 6: Create an Action Plan for your life

A goal without a plan is just a wish. You have way more control over your life than just wishing! Learn the powerful way of how to create goals backed by action so that you can succeed and bring to life your passion, purpose and potential!  Let's make your dreams a reality.


Way too many to mention but all related to the subjects above!  In every module, you'll have access to downloadable tools that you can use again and again.


What guarantees can you offer?


Success is based on variables including background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to do the homework, book your coaching calls and take action where required.  However, experience has proven that commitment, coachability and action produces breakthrough.

What does it cost?


£297.  (This can be split into 2 payments, if that is helpful to you).

You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.  Check out as Guest, if you do not have an account.

* Forever access - you have access to the platform for as long as I am using it. 

** Written support - I will reply via the platform within 24hrs.  Written support is available for the duration of the program and begins from date of purchase.

Breakthrough Coaching that works for You!

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