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VIP Coaching

Change your Thinking and your Life

This is for you if you're a woman who is fed up with wasting precious time and hard-earned money on methods of change in your life that just aren't producing lasting results

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This one's a little different!

It works in any area of life because it deals with the behaviour, the thinking and the emotional conditioning that make beliefs very real.  You'll unlearn the very thing that formed the belief, thereby eliminating it forever!

The reason this method works and is so powerful, is that I don't help you to cope with or get rid of just symptoms - nah, we go deeper and I help you to eliminate the actual CAUSE thereby producing change that LASTS.

It's quick and it's permanent.

What would it mean to you to FINALLY get that new job, get out of that toxic relationship, lose that weight, stop that burnout, write that book you've been putting off, create that business you long for?

If you're a woman who is not saying, doing or being what she wants - this is for you!


What do I get with this coaching?

  • 1 hour minimum weekly personal sessions with me over a 6 week journey (that's over 6 hours of coaching!)

  • Access to one on one support between sessions via private coaching platform  

  • Private journaling area

  • Powerful tools & resources available via the coaching platform  

How does it work?

Once payment is received, you'll get onboarding email with further instructions about the coaching platform and contract.

Once contract is signed, you'll book a block of 6 weekly sessions with me and we'll meet up online for each session.

We'll work on eliminating as many beliefs as we can in those 6 weeks and you will have the option to continue booking more 6 week journeys.

What does it cost?


£587.  (This can be split into 2 payments, if that is helpful to you).

Do I have to be a Christian woman?

For this - nope!  It'll work on anyone.

How do I apply to work with you one on one?


Click the link below to choose a day and time that suits you, complete the short application form, pay the £10 refundable* application fee and voila!...

We have a quick, friendly video chat over coffee, it's on Zoom and you don't even have to drink coffee...although I probably will be!


I don't work with everyone on a one to one basis so I like to have these calls to ensure commitment (hence the cost), and that we are good fit for coaching and working together.   


It's also great to find out a bit more about you and your aspirations.  ​It's an opportunity for you to ask any questions beforehand and for me to give you more information about your coaching & what will be involved.

*application fee is taken off the journey investment if you're accepted



(if you don't see a slot for that week - they're gone)

SO DON'T DELAY, LOCK IN YOUR TIME.  The sooner we chat, the sooner you can start!

Breakthrough Coaching that works for You!

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