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Find God's Purpose for your life and live it!

I understand what it feels like to look at your life and feel useless because you don't know what your purpose is outside of marriage & motherhood.

I know you feel disappointed because your life doesn't look like you thought it would by now and that you feel miserable because you don't know who you are outside of being a wife and a mother.

I know you look at others and it seems like they have it all figured out.

You spent so many years pouring yourself out for your family and now they are doing they're own thing, but you have lost a sense of who you really are and what your purpose is now. 


You are scared that it's too late - it's too late to do anything more with your life.  

"What if I have wasted what God gave me to use for Kingdom purposes and now it's too late"?

I know how you feel because I WAS you!  Or rather, I was in a similar place to where you are now.

Coaching changed EVERYTHING...

God being who He is, didn't leave me like that.  He didn't leave me in that place of frustration, disillusion and confusion.  He led me to people that would help me and invariably, change my life.

I went on my own journey of discovery, in which I learned about my true identity, which really set me free.

Not only that but God revealed to me, His calling on my life.  He showed me how nothing is wasted and how He can use it all for my benefit and that of others. 

Through a series of amazing "a-ha" moments, and fresh revelation, I discovered my purpose.  The relief, peace and joy that came with that, was so refreshing!

By honouring His call with the resources He gave me, God has honoured me and I now wake up every day excited and living a life of purpose.

I have walked this journey, and my passion is to help women like you to rediscover your God-given identity & be released into your beautiful Kingdom purpose

I believe God wants you to make the most out of your life and if you are reading this and are stirred to do something about it, it's not too late.

We're here just once, so let's make the most of it. 

Do something NOW to kickstart your confidence & live YOUR life of purpose!

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