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I understand what it feels like to look at your life and feel useless because you don't know what your purpose is outside of marriage & motherhood.

I know you feel disappointed because your life doesn't look like you thought it would by now or even as you hoped it would and that you feel miserable because you don't know who you are outside of being a wife and a mother.

I know you look at others and it looks like they have it all figured out.

You spent so many years pouring yourself out for your family and now they are doing they're own thing, but you have lost a sense of who you really are and what your purpose is now. 


You are scared that it's too late - it's too late to do anything of worth with your life.  

"What if I have wasted what God gave me to use for Kingdom purposes and now it's too late"?

"I feel so lost now and without a purpose".

"If I was born for such a time as this, why is my life so unfulfilling?".


"I want to go back, I want my kids to be young again, so that I have a purpose".


"My life is passing by but I don't feel like I am actually living it".

"There MUST be more to life than this, there MUST".

"Why would God want to use me, I'm just a wife and mother".

"I have a great family, I feel so guilty for wanting more out of life."

"My own passions and desires are evil, I must suppress them."

Ahhh, the mixed emotions, fears and thoughts of a mother! 

One minute we want more out of life than motherhood, the next we want to go back in time to when our kids were little so that we have a purpose!

I have been where you are, lady and it sucks BIG TIME! 

I hated the feeling that I might be wasting my life or at least not using the talents and gifts that God gave me for Kingdom purposes, and by the time I had reached a certain age, I really thought it was too late!

I remember always being SO busy but having that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn't living my BEST life or even my OWN life, the one that God gave me to live for Him.  That made me feel horrible.


Where was this powerful life I was supposed to be living?  Is this what God made me for? 

I even remember feeling guilty about wanting more out of life, fearing that my own passions and desires were evil and not from God but I knew deep down this couldn't be right even though fear, manipulation and incorrect teaching about who God is and who I am in Him, hindered me from moving forward.

Coaching changed EVERYTHING...

God being who He is, didn't leave me like that.  I went on my own journey of discovery, in which I learned about my true identity, which truly set me free.

He led me to people that would help me and invariably, change my life.

Not only that but God revealed to me, His calling on my life.  He showed me how nothing is wasted and how He can use it all for my benefit and that of others. 

Through a series of amazing "a-ha" moments, and fresh revelation, I discovered that my calling is helping others to find theirs!

By honouring His call with the resources He gave me, God has honoured me and I now wake up every day excited and living a life of purpose.

I have put this enlightening journey into a program to help women like you to rediscover your God-given identity and be released into your beautiful Kingdom purpose.

I have walked this journey, and I would love to help you make sense of yours

I believe God wants you to make the most out of your life and if you are reading this and are stirred to do something about it, it's not too late.

We're here just once, so let's make the most of it.  Our highest calling and identity is not motherhood and life is not over when the children grow up.