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Coffee Corner...My Blog


I LOVE coffee!  ☕
It’s my choice of beverage in the mornings, actually also afternoon and I’ve been known to partake in the evenings too!  😂
We have around seven different types of coffee machine and I’m not adverse to purchasing more.

Most of my inspiration comes in the morning, when I am quietly sitting by myself, spending time with the Lord and drinking my coffee.  Mmmhmm. 

I love the summer months the best ☀️, because I can sit outside in the warmth and take in nature, whilst I enjoy my morning coffee.

I love listening to and watching the birds, seeing the trees in full greenery softly swaying under a gentle breeze and looking at the wonderfully colourful flowers that are in the garden. 🌹 🌻 🌷

Oh, and I absolutely adore butterflies!  They are beautiful, strong and free.  🦋

I don’t know about you, but there is something so spiritual about being outside and being aware of the nature around.
Adam and Eve’s time in the garden (before all the deceiving) must have been truly wonderful! 😍

Anyway, I hope you are as inspired reading my blogs, as I was to write them!  I write specifically to inspire Christian women.

If you are, please feel free to like, comment and share on your favourite social media but in particular with those whom you know would benefit too. 
Sharing is caring! 😘

I’d also love it if you shared with me, just how you were motivated, inspired or encouraged by my posts because it inspires and encourages me too! 
I post regularly, so do keep a look out for new content. 👀

If there’s a particular subject in my posts that interest you, do let me know.  I may write more on that subject or even create some resources or do some training about it!  I want to best serve you. ❤️

Now, grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and join me....

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