I'm Deborah Stonell, a Breakthrough Coach who helps Christian women like you
who have, in the middle of marriage & motherhood, lost a sense of who you really are,
to recognise your God-given identity and discover the calling on your life
, so that you can powerfully impact not just your family, but the world around you as God intended.

I got disillusioned and frustrated with the fact that my life didn't look anything like I thought it would or hoped it would by a certain point in my life. 



All my energies had been focused on marriage and motherhood, but it got to the point where I wanted more.  I knew I was made for more…I just didn’t know what! 

I wasn't a SAHM, I had a variety of jobs throughout my life and juggled marriage and motherhood.  My son grew up, my husband had a great job but what about me?  Surely there was more to life than this?  I felt so lost and to be honest, outside of family, I felt useless.  I didn’t know what my part was in the Kingdom.

In fact, I got scared that all I could be, is mother and wife.  I am a great wife and a great mum, but somehow, I knew they were roles and not my identity.

Why was I here?  What was my purpose here?  What is my part in the Kingdom?  Am I unique?  Can God use me and why on earth would He want to use me?

Perhaps you feel that way or maybe you feel you have made so many mistakes that God cannot use you, maybe you have doubts about who God says you are.  Yup, I've been there too.


I get it, I really do.  I understand that women wear many hats and have a busy life but can still feel underutilised, overlooked and unfulfilled.  I understand that we can be our own worst enemy by the stuff we tell ourselves in our head or when we take on the big personalities of other people, instead of being our authentic selves.


I didn't realise how easy it was to lose myself in all the noise, how easy it was to take on other people's stuff, agendas and ways of thinking, how easy it was to be the person they wanted me to be instead of the person God made me to be.  The guilt can be overwhelming!  I didn't know who I really was.


I look around and I see many amazing wives and mothers, lost in duty, trapped in the ordinary and not living their lives intentionally.  They do what they feel they have to do, not necessarily what they were born to do. 


With buried dreams, they don’t even bother to tap into the full potential they have inside.  Sadly, some of them have lost a sense of who they are and are just being who they believe they are expected to be.

They have forgotten that they are a whole person outside of marriage and motherhood and many don’t even know that they have something unique that God has given them for the glory of His Kingdom. 

One of my greatest gifts is being able to honour who you are as a person and build on your strengths, whilst celebrating your uniqueness.  I am here to support you in finding the greatness in you, to discover God's calling on your life and to help you to gain the confidence to be the woman God created you to be.

So, if you are thinking there must be more to life than this….it's because there is!


You ARE unique and you DO have something purposeful to offer and to live, outside of marriage and motherhood.  You may just need a helping hand. 



Now I am living my life purpose, I wake up to days that are filled with excitement, discovery and growth.  I am more confident, relaxed, feel useful, know how to use my skills to benefit the Kingdom and because of all this, my relationships are even better because I am being authentically me and living the best version of myself, I'm happier and more content. ❤️


On the personal side….


I'm a lover of Christ, coffee and superheroes, also food, travel and spas.  I change my hair...often!  I love experimenting with different looks.

I believe in self-care and beauty as part of who I was made to be and I will regularly take the time out to just "be", rather than do.


I'm friendly, down to earth, caring and nurturing and love to pull the best out of people, the hidden nuggets of gold.  In my caring but honest way, I will challenge you out of your comfort zone, tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear, so that you can be inspired to be the best version of you and live your very best life.

I’ve been extraordinarily happily together with my hubby for over a decade, I’m a mother of a gorgeous young adult and I am an entrepreneur.  Family time is important to me and I guard our time like a ferocious warrior!  We do spend a lot of fun and quality time together.

I have over 25 years business experience including running my own businesses and that of others, plus I’m a certified Marriage Mentor, trained in inner healing and a member of The Biblical Coaching Alliance™ of Christian Life Coaches.



So, Beautiful one, if you are a mum and/or wife who has lost a sense of who you really are and would like support into the transformation of the real you, the one God made you to be, revealing your gifts, talents, strength & beauty and ultimately your calling, outside of marriage & motherhood - either contact me for VIP 1 to 1 breakthrough coaching (limited spots available), Made for More Mama 1 to 1 coaching, or get yourself on the wait list for my group coaching Breakthrough Program, designed for a woman just like you!

It starts soon, so don't delay! 

Take care, and I hope we talk soon!

Deborah  ❤️

Meet Deborah 

Through tradition, religion, responsibilities and society rules, many women have lost a sense of who they really are and the true power that they have in Christ. In particular, mothers and wives, who have anchored their worth and their identity to their roles, not being confident of their abilities outside of marriage and motherhood, accepting a life ordinary, instead of amazing and believing that they have nothing of worth to offer, outside of family life, as such feeling lost and without a sense of purpose, especially once the children have grown.

I believe that God is restoring these women to who they really are in Him, their true identity and uncovering the truth about the life that Christ came to set them free for, so that they can understand and experience the powerful and positive impact that only they can make, not just within their families, but on the world around them.

“As a Christian woman, when you truly know who you are in Christ, you understand your power and can live the life you were meant to live without compromise.”

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A member of The Biblical Coaching Alliance™ of Christian Life Coaches

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