Frequently Asked Questions

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Got a Question?  Great!  I love questions.  See some of the more frequently asked ones below.  If you want to know anything else, use the contact form or the chat box.

Q:   I've already done other online programs, do I really need this one?

A:  Well, I'm guessing if you've found me, yes!  There must still be a gap, an area where you are out of alignment in your business and/or with your purpose or perhaps you're just plain stuck.  Jump on a free call with me and let's see what that gap is and whether I can help.    Book Call Here


Q:  I don't know if I can afford to invest in this.

A:  Most objections around money, usually stem from something deeper that's going on than just the affordability, in particular if you are doubting before you know the cost or what's involved.  You'll be pleased to know that plenty of money mindset training is included in the signature group program & can be included in the personalised 121 coaching.


I also learned that it's not about the resources, it's about being resourceful and when someone truly sees the value in something, they will find a way to get it. God honours when we step out of our comfort zone with money, He stretches us & blesses us,  I can personally attest to that.

Q: What qualifies you to help me?

A: I am a certfied Breakthrough Coach, with over 30 years varied business experience & even more as a Christian.  I have trained in various ministries - the prophetic & healing, plus I have led & discipled many.  I have the gift of discernment & my God-given talent is to help others to uncover theirs so that they can live a life of purpose.  All of that aside, I truly care.  I am passionate about seeing Gods gals released into their powerful destinies, making an impact & a difference in this world.


Q:  What sort of guarantees do you offer?

A:  I love this question, because again this comes down to mindset.  If you are already asking about guarantees, your mind may already be planning for failure & subconsciously you are looking for a way out.  We will do a lot of mindset training in my coaching programs because it is SO important to success.  You will only go as far as your mindset allows.

Life has no guarantees, so the answer to that question is no, I do not offer specific guarantees.  I am gifted to light up your path & show you the way but your success is based on your commitment, dedication, action & circumstances.


Q:  What's so great about having a Coach?

A:  Oh goodness!  Where to begin?!  Quite simply, a Coach can help to TRANSFORM your life.  If change is what you're after, if results are what you need, then a Coach has all the tools, resources & expertise to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be much faster than if you're trying to do it alone. 

I'd even be as bold as to say, many folk won't get the life they want without a Coach.  I'm a Coach (obvs!) and I have my OWN Coaches!  I KNOW the value & power in coaching.

Q: What is the investment to work with you?

A: There's truly no point in giving you the investment without you first fully understanding the VALUE & experiencing first hand what coaching can do for you.

I want you to pause & take a moment to think about what results you truly want in your life, how many years you've been unfulfilled, disappointed, disillusioned & frustrated & what price you would put on FINALLY getting rid of that pain & living the life you want. 

You see, most people don’t understand what coaching is all about and therefore it’s VALUE– that it’s truly TRANSFORMATIONAL. 

I have invested thousands of pounds to work with my own coaches (still do) because I know the value.  Through coaching & teaching, I have retrained my money mindset & worked through my money blocks, the stories that were holding me back, so now money is flowing and I can help you with that too.

​Q:  Do you offer refunds?

A:  Due to the digital nature of my programs no, I don't offer refunds.  You get instant access to course materials which you can download, keep and continue using. 

But listen, I only want you coaching with me if you want results and are prepared to do the work to get the results and I KNOW that you will get the results you want if you do the work.


Q:  What if I join the group program and I need personal coaching?

A:   I understand that every person has different needs and works at their own pace, which is why even if you join the group coaching program, you will receive a dedicated amount of personal coaching from me, with the option to pay for more should you need it.


Q:  What if I don't complete the group program in 90 days?

A:  Then the world blows up and chocolate is no longer available!  No, really, you can work at your own pace.  The modules are not released all at once so as not to overwhelm.


Q:  What kind of support or accountability do you offer?

A:  Well first of all, accountability begins with you.  No amount of support, accountability or encouragement is helpful if you are not invested and committed.  However, I truly want everyone who takes part in my coaching programs to get the help that they need to move the needle forward in their life and business.  So not only do I offer personal coaching programs plus group coaching which contain dedicated personal coaching with the option to buy more at a discounted cost as and when required for up to 12 months after you join,  you will also have access to a private mastermind group where you can connect with others like you who have purchased the program.  You will be able to ask questions, get support & encouragement from like-minded women and I will be in the group too of course, giving extra support, encouragement and teaching!  Being in the mastermind also gives you free access to my Coaching Hub with its growing library of valuable content, courses & training.  New content is added every month.

You can stay in the mastermind group after the 90 days has elapsed with a low cost subscription.


Q:  What can I expect from your coaching programs?

A:  Well, for my group programs, you can expect self - study modules, giving you the ability to work at your own pace, enabling you to consume as much or as little as you want.  I like to release the modules one at a time though, to reduce overwhelm & to encourage you to do the work & see the tangible results before moving on.

Regardless of which package you invest in, you will always have access to me, either through my private Facebook group, Mastermind or personal coaching, if offered with that program.

For personal coaching programs, not only will we have regular, scheduled powerful conversations to help shift your mindset but you will receive homework to consolidate what you've learned and tools & resources that you can keep to use whenever you need them.



Ooh & Bonuses!  Lots of bonuses!  For most of my programs, I offer bonuses.  I love to give extra!

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