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As my Facebook business page has a variety of followers including men and non-Christians, the content tends to be a little more general and I wanted a space that was private and safe, where I could better serve women like you, with what you really want and need from a Mentor and Coach.

I created From Career to Purpose as a place that contains customized content, where I can facilitate training and teaching on subjects that really matter to you, that will help to develop and mature you into the woman that God has created you to be and to help you into your new business venture, your purposeful career, whether it be changing your career / industry or becoming your own boss.

It will be an intimate space where you can build authentic Kingdom relationships and experience divine opportunities and alignments too, because I believe that the Lord works mightily through relationship.

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This Facebook group is now LIVE & I’d LOVE it if you would join me in there! 


Be a founding member and let’s grow this thing and encourage one another to make a real impact and difference in this world with the amazing gifts & talents and uniqueness that is yours!

This group will be fun, forward focused, positive and goal orientated. 

There'll be teaching, training, challenges, coaching, & mentoring, alongside a healthy dose of motivation, encouragement, inspiration!

I'm also interested in hearing what else or what you want more of in the group.


I want to see you out of your comfort zone and accelerated into YOUR destiny! That would make me SO happy!

We have one life here, let’s live it well!