HERO Coaching Program

Why HERO?  Well, I am a superhero nutnut - I love all things superhero!  But also, I believe that we all have purpose, even if we don't all choose to live that purpose. 

We can all be a hero to our sphere of influence.  We all have something unique that we can help others with or save others from.  It's unique because we're unique.


At the end of this coaching and teaching program, you will have clarity and the confidence to be who God made you to be and to do what He called you to do, whilst making a difference AND a living!

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Using my HERO formula, we will work together on the foundations necessary for you to build a successful Godly business, a business that aligns with who God made you to be & what He purposed for you to do.


You will get crystal clear on vision, strategy, mindset AND execution as it pertains to your business purpose so that you can move the needle forward and finally start to live that entrepreneurial life the way that you want.


Who is this Program for?


Christian Women who struggle with purpose, have never run their own business before but desire to be an Entrepreneur.


How does it work?


At your own pace, you will complete the 4 modules, each containing between 4 and 7 lessons, You get to keep any tools, resources & bonuses provided on this program.


Within the 90 day period of your start date to this Program, you will enjoy up to 9 personal coaching sessions with me. 


This will help you with accountability, clarity and the confidence to get your dream business up and running!


What does the coaching involve?


A combination of vision, strategy and mindset conversations & educating.  Prayer and prophetic words are included as the Spirit leads.


Being an Entrepreneur is only 20% strategy.


Many entrepreneurs fail because they don't realise that their success relies on a whopping 80% mindset.  Running your own business will impact EVERY area of your life including finances and relationships.


As a Breakthrough Coach, I will partner with you to not only support you on this new journey with the vision of your new business and the strategies required to move the needle forward but also to help you to breakthrough the limiting mindsets that exist already or that will inevitably crop up along the way.


What will I get at the end of the Program?


Nothing is guaranteed of course because it is your responsibility to do the lessons, and book your coaching calls with me, taking action where required, but your commitment and coachability to this Program, will produce a viable working business for you within 90 days.

As an added bonus, you will understand yourself more deeply and have the confidence to live the life you want, which will flow positively into the other areas in your life.


What does it cost?

£1500 one payment or £600 for 3 months.

From potential to purpose journey


Let me take you on your HERO's journey - from potential to purpose


What did God put you here to do and what amazing gifts and talents has He blessed you with to do it?


Every one of us is born with potential.  Like a seed it is buried deep within and like a seed, that potential will grow with the right circumstances and FLOURISH with the right nurturing.


Even though everyone has potential and everyone has purpose, not everyone will achieve their full potential nor even touch upon their purpose.


Many continue to drift through life, just existing, not really living - not living life on purpose or WITH purpose and this manifests as frustration, boredom, disillusion, disappointment, sadness, anger, regret, burn-out and many other negative impacts on their quality of life.


If you want to be someone that doesn't waste the life you have or the talents you've been given, to make a difference and an impact in the world….


Let me help you on your HERO's journey - from potential to purpose