Do you ever think "Why in the heck did I become an Entrepreneur?"

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Hi! Nice to eMeet you! I'm Deborah Stonell, a certified Coach & an experienced VA and apart from Jesus, my family & my cats - I love coffee, superheroes & all things business! ❤️

Here's the thing - I LOVE helping people but not in the way of picking them up if they've tripped or carrying heavy shopping for an elderly person (although these are great too!) more in the way of BUILDING them up. 


I love helping people to be all that they can be, to live a life of purpose & to live intentionally.  This to me is about inspiration and freedom.  Both things SO important to me.  And for me, I have found both those things in entrepreneurship.


I LOVE being my own boss (I don't like being told what to do!) and I love making & being responsible for my own choices & my own day, making my own money - this is freedom.


I LOVE being creative, being inspired, using my knowledge & experience to help others bring their A game into an authentic business, seeing others released into their fulfillment, being a part of the energy that others bring when they're inspired - this is inspiration.


I ran a successful business & a successful ministry in the past and I also successfully helped & supported others in their businesses, but when I decided to use that knowledge & experience in a coaching/training business and I switched track and became a professional Coach, you know what I was? 



Scared, confused & overwhelmed!

I was so excited about my new business when I started but there was so much information out there, that I was just on consume mode for the LONGEST TIME with NO sales!


The landscape of marketing had changed so much and I didn't realise at the time but it was more than the lack of strategies knowledge that was holding me back, it was my mindset.


And although I love learning, I wasn't doing what I set out to do and this left me feeling confused, disillusioned, disappointed and frustrated about my business


Can you relate?  Were you excited in the beginning and that excitement quickly turned to a myriad of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you're not enjoying?


I finally got breakthroughs and insight when I invested in my own coaches and did some really deep work on my belief-o-meter and my money mindset, to name a few things. 

I discovered what was holding me back & coupled with ALL the content I had consumed and the fact that I am a professional Coach, I am well-placed to help brand new Solopreneurs like you to get out of that cycle of overwhelm, fear and uncertainty!

I wish I had had these breakthroughs right at the beginning of my entrepreneurial career.  It would have saved me time, energy & LOTS of money!  My journey of discovery means that yours can be FAR easier if you work with me!

Being a Coach & Trainer allows me to help women with the tech (I LOVE tech!) and through the mindset blocks I know that are keeping them stuck AND give them strategies, so that they can finally have the confidence to run their own business (with love) & experience the true freedom that they crave.

Running my own businesses doing what I love & what I’m good at…it’s a win-win for me!

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What’s a win-win for you?

Perhaps a start would be to have a friendly video call over coffee with me!

If you want things to change, you have to do something different. Let me help you.  Let's start with a powerful conversation. 

Don't stay stuck.  Being a Solopreneur can be lonely but you don't have to do this alone.

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