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Are you living in REAL freedom?

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Hi! Nice to eMeet you! I'm Deborah Stonell, a certified Coach & an experienced business professional and apart from Jesus, my family & my cats - I love coffee, superheroes & being an Entrepreneur! ❤️


Here's the thing - I LOVE helping people but not in the way of picking them up if they've tripped or carrying heavy shopping for an elderly person (although these are great too!) more in the way of BUILDING them up; inspiring them and setting them free.  Christ came to set us free but so many are not living in that true freedom.


I'm so fed up of the wishy washy, "pretend" freedom that is accepted as the norm in the Christian arena. 


I'm fed up of the fear that circulates and stops God's people from stepping into their TRUE power and the checklists and hoops that are deemed necessary to attain what they ALREADY have and who they ALREADY are in Christ.


It makes me want to scream! 


I don't blindly accept things because someone tells me to or because it's been done that way forever or because it's tradition or because dems da rules.  No!  Not even Jesus did that!


Jesus was the ultimate tradition breaker.  He ruffled feathers like a boss!  He was able to do that because He knew who He truly was and what His mandate was.  It didn't matter if He was in a field or a boat or a market square or a temple or even at a party full of sinners, He was (is) the Son of God - FULL STOP.  It didn't (doesn't) matter what ANYONE says to the contrary.

If you want to break out of the box that you've put yourself in (yes, only you can put yourself in it and get yourself out), because you KNOW there's more to you than what's out there, you're gonna have to get uncomfortable, you're gonna have to take risks, you're gonna have to question the status quo and you're gonna have to face the uncomfortable truth - YOU are responsible for your life.


I did that.  I did the work to help myself, to get help, to get uncomfortable, to take risks and to get out of that damn box and now I want to help you to do the same.  Get out of that damn box and be the woman God made you to be!


I'm a PURPOSE-driven gal, always have been.  I love helping people to be all that they can be; to clear limiting beliefs, blast through fears and to have the confidence to live a life of purpose & to live intentionally - the way God intended.

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If you want things to change, you have to do something different. Let me help you.  

Don't stay stuck. 


You don't have to do this alone.

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