5 Tips to help you transition from working in the office to working at home

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In light of what's going on in the world, many people may suddenly find themselves in the "working from home" category and this might be a shock to the system to some. Working from home definitely means adjusting the way you work, but, please don't write it off, nor don't be afraid of it.

I have experienced the benefits of working with others in an office or a team environment as I have spent many of my years in business, doing just that, but now as an entrepreneur, I work from home.

Working from home maybe doesn't suit everyone but for me, it is a dream lifestyle.

I love the freedom of not having to travel in rush hour and of planning my own day.

It gives me the flexibility of being home for deliveries and a whole host of other home-based advantages.

Whether you are going to be working from home, short-term or long-term, here are some of my tips that helped me to transition from the office to home working:

Tip 1: Be organised

You may think there are distractions in the office but in your home environment, there can be the temptation to do all the stuff you usually do when at home.

Put tasks in your calendar, have your to-do list and stick to it.

Tip 2: Have a virtual cup of coffee

If you are someone that thrives on the company of others and are energised by social situations, and you hate the idea of being at home alone, don't neglect keeping in contact with your colleagues. Once you get used to it, things like Skype or Zoom are wonderful ways to keep in touch, touch base, brainstorm and do all the things you might usually do in the office. You can still have your team meetings and your one to ones, all online, with a cup of coffee in your hand!

Tip 3: Maximise your workstation

Just because you are working from home, it doesn't mean that you have to be slouched over a laptop on the settee doing harm to your body. Take a look at how you can make a proper little work area for yourself, where you can be comfortable. Maybe your coffee table or dining table can be set up temporarily, with a proper high backed chair and a desk lamp, to help keep you ergonomically healthy. You could even decorate with a nice pot plant! Seriously, have fun with this - I love my work area!

Tip 4: Take regular breaks

You might find that it's easier to take breaks in a team environment but at home, you can get so involved with what you are doing because it's quieter and easier to concentrate and this might not be something you are used to!

If it helps, set yourself timers so that you get up from your workstation and walk around, stretch and look at something else aside from your computer screen.

Tip 5: Set boundaries

If your family is around, they may love the fact that you are at home now and try to take full advantage of that! But it's important for yourself and for them, to know your work times and your work area and to train all, that this is work time, that this area is off limits but that you can be available at lunch or coffee breaks or at the end of your working day.