A surprising hack to help you to increase CONFIDENCE

There is a reason why confidence is so important – for the most part, we rely on it to do stuff, the stuff that is out of our comfort zone, the stuff we have always wanted to do, heck the stuff we have just seen and thought – I really wanna do that!!

There is a link between confidence and courage. The apostles even prayed for boldness to do what they felt called to do. I believe boldness is the combination of confidence and courage.

I have realized the huge part that confidence plays in our life in relation to our calling, our purpose, our destiny, because even when we know what we have been called to do, it takes CONFIDENCE – that faith and trust in the Lord, to even take the steps required towards it.

That boldness and courage to step out of our comfort zone into the bigger picture.

Unfortunately so often, fear can paralyze us into missing out on OUR adventure.

Well, I’m all about the practical so I am going to give you some ideas to increase your courage and therefore, your confidence BUT don’t forget to pray! If the apostles can pray for boldness and get it, so can you!

We are creatures of habit, so the best hack to courage, is to make it a habit!

To make courage a habit, you have to ACTIVELY look for daily opportunities to practice.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, small acts of courage will work just fine to build this as a habit and as you do it consistently, by default, YOUR CONFIDENCE WILL INCREASE.

Make a list of things you can DO to be courageous. Start by thinking of things that scare you or challenge you. Keep adding to this list as you go along and refer back to it often, using the items on the list to keep you moving forward. The act of DOING and doing on a REGULAR basis, will increase your courage and therefore your confidence.

Be aware of the daily opportunities that come your way to be courageous – it’s probably more than you think! But instead of shying away from the challenges and fears that crop up – face them and do them anyway.

Spend time with friends and peers that challenge you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t have any, make some new ones – there’s a challenge! It’s important to be around those that encourage, inspire and influence us to be more courageous and not just to accept the status quo.

The adventure, the excitement and the growth, always happens OUTSIDE of our comfort zone!


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