Are you believing that you have no gifts or talents?

I can prove that you have.

For one, I know that you are a very talented creator & storyteller, PLUS you have an amazing gift of imagination.

You use those gifts EVERY DAY.

Lemme explain: With your magnificent imagination & storytelling skills, you are creating your life!

A neutral event happens (all events are neutral) & to it you add meaning, feeling & emotions.

The more you think about it, the more you add to it, the more you build it into something that is no longer neutral.

Events shape your thoughts, opinions & beliefs.

The same events can happen to people but they will add to it THEIR meaning & perceive it differently.

Every thought that pops into your mind that you don't let pop straight back out again, you use your imagination to cultivate it into thinking, perception & beliefs…your story.

You LIVE through that story, the story that you create. You’re making choices & acting (or not) from what you are believing about yourself, others, the world.

That’s pretty powerful.

You have fantastic skills of imagination, storytelling & creation.

So, now that you know you DO have gifts & talents, what others have you got? GO!


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