Are you spending time on the wrong things?

If this situation has taught us anything, it's that life can change in an instant. One minute you're going about your usual day, the next minute your usual day is confined to your home!

Time is so precious, but we take it for granted, and life is too precious to waste on the wrong things. It's too easy to be really busy but not fulfilled. And now, for many, that busyness has been taken away, yet... we can still fill it again with a different type of busy.

Did you know that you can procrastinate and still be very busy?

We keep saying yes to things instead of no because hey, as long as we are busy, we feel useful and needed. Who doesn't want to be needed?!

As long as we are busy, or keep saying yes, we can put off what we really want to do because we are scared. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure, fear of rejection, to name a few.

You have untapped dreams, aspirations and desires that you have buried in busy. As long as you are busy building someone else's dream, you won't have to try yours and face failure.

C'mon now. Those dreams are God-given, waiting to be birthed. Let's face it, giving birth is messy....and painful - yikes! But think about the joy at the end of it all. It's so worth it...and so are your dreams.

Now is a great time to rethink your busy.

Find a quiet spot and write down all the things that energise you. Chances are, some of the things that energise you are connected with your destiny.

You can still be tired after doing them but they fill you with hope, excitement, motivativation, happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

If your busy is leaving you just plain ol' tired, instead of tired but energised, it's time to rethink your busy!

I have done this exercise and made my own list and there are things that I realise energise me (some I am doing already) and through coaching, I can see how they are connected with my destiny.

I am going to make space in my life to do more of those things and less of the other things that just keep me busy but leave me unfulfilled.

What about you? What do you need to say no to, so that you can start saying yes to the things you really really want?


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