Beware, your Portals!

I'd been feeling really sad and down about things lately; despairing and morose - not like me at all and then I checked my thoughts, I checked my portals.

Your portals are the gateways in and out of your soul - your eyes, your ears, your mouth.

What was I seeing? What was I hearing? What was I saying?

Because what you focus on, you magnify.

I realised I was focusing on the devastation I see happening around the world. I'm not saying we should ignore what's going on around us but focusing on light rather than darkness is where your strength will come from - the strength to endure and the strength to make a difference.

If you live a purpose-driven life, you are more likely to defeat distractions and overcome obstacles - focusing on what's important to you, using your gifts and talents to make a remarkable difference in the world and live a life that fulfills you.

So, what's your purpose? What are your gifts and talents and how can you use them to make a difference and live a fulfilling life?

I created The Inspiration Club for Christian women such as you, to help you to discover your God-given purpose and build an authentic business around it so that together we can raise an army of Godly business women who will impact the world in a powerful and positive way.

Go here for info:

See you on the other side!

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[Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels]


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