Change Your Identity and Become a Different Person

That sounds strange doesn’t it? Because I’m always saying be you, but what I actually mean is, be the you that God made you to be. Do you know why? Because she’s perfect.

God doesn’t see you as a victim or a weak person. He doesn’t see you as not worthy, incapable or a fraud. He sees who you really are, what you’re really capable of and He’s already given you what you need to be that person.

“You” have created the person you are. I want that to sink in.

Through your thinking, mindsets and beliefs, which have contributed to your actions or non-actions, as the case maybe – you, created you.

It wasn’t your mum or your dad, siblings, peers, teachers, school bully or boss, it was you.

They didn’t create your reality – you did.

Think about that. You created the world you live in. You created your world through your thoughts and what beliefs you had about events, people and situations. You attached meaning to them.

Your beliefs were solidified by the time you were 8 years old and then you become a self-fulfilling prophecy to prove those beliefs.

Those beliefs are a significant barrier to getting what you want in life and I can help you to remove them so that there’s a dramatic shift in your thoughts, feeling and behaviour, radically altering your self-concept and emotional conditionings so that you can be that powerful woman that I know you are.

It's a fascinating subject that I don’t really have time to go into fully now but I wanted to introduce you to it and let it sit with you. Because until you take responsibility for your own life, it’s going to be really difficult to change.

And let’s face it, the person you are now, is she getting you where you want to be?



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