Checking Off, Crossing Out (a Great Confidence Hack!) 😁

Last week, I expounded the importance of setting up meaningful and specific goals that are also measurable.

I really hope that you spent some time thinking about what some of your own goals could be and that you took on board my advice to create SMART goals, because today it’s time to put the theory into practice - writing down those goals and checking them off, as a confidence hack.

Let me tell you, when I check off my goals, it really does boost my confidence. I feel like I am growing and accomplishing….it’s a great feeling! 💃 💃 💃

Whilst, we have spoken about the importance of what could be your big goals, remember, it’s just as important to break those big goals down into smaller steps, baby steps, you might say or even to start with smaller goals. We want this all to be achievable and we want to remain motivated.

👉 Without motivation, it’s impossible to boost confidence. 👈

So, think about what you want to get done today. This is a great start for goal setting and also for getting things done systematically!

Maybe this includes making a meal plan for the week 🍲, finding some time to read a particular book 📖, or taking an hour for yourself to play a video game 🎮. Maybe it’s weeding the garden 👩🏻‍🌾 or replacing the windshield wiper fluid in your car 🚘.

Whatever it is, large or small, write those goals down on a small notepad that you can carry with you or leave at your desk or kitchen counter.

Then, as you accomplish each small goal, check it off. You can put a check mark next to it or cross it out. Try them both and see which one feels better. I do both, LOL, so satisfying! 😊

Honestly, it’s very satisfying to check items off your goals or to-do list and each time you check something off, you get a mini boost of confidence that will help motivate you to tackle the next task, and the next one.

See? Increasing your confidence by stealth! 😮

Mix and match goals or tasks that are very easy to accomplish, with those that take a little longer or require a little more will power.

Play around with how much you put on your list to check off.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with too many tasks and goals, limit it to no more than five things a day – or whatever suits. Remember, you want to stay motivated.

So, if you find that you can’t possibly make it through your entire list and that not finishing gets you down, make sure you add no more than what you can comfortably finish.

If on the other hand having quite a few extra items on that list motivates you to see how much you can check off before bedtime, load up that goals list! 😁

Make it work for you and see what system gives you the biggest boost in confidence and courage. 💪


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