Cobra Kai never dies!

Cobra Kai! I love it!

Hubby & I were familiar with it long before it became trendy on Netflix….just thought I'd get that out there! 😂

For those of you not in the know (where ya been?!), Cobra Kai is a series set in present day following the lives of the characters from the original Karate Kid films but full of 80's cheesy goodness!

I got 3 major insights from this excellent series:

🔹 LIVING in the past can prevent you from being present, missing the blessings that are right in front of you.

🔹 LEARNING from the past is a powerful way to grow - there are no mistakes, only experience.

🔹 LETTING the past paralyse you through fear of what happened before, is giving away your power.

I may break those down further at some point but for now, think on those 3 things & if you get the chance, go watch the show - especially if you loved the original Karate Kid films, with Daniel-son, Myagi, Johnny & Kreese. 😁

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