COVID-19 Where's your focus in all this?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I think in trying times, even as Christians, we can forget the Strength that lives within us. 🤷🏽‍♀️

When we are going through trying times, we must remember that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4), yes even greater than COVID -19 and the destruction it seeks to cause!

We have been given the Strength to overcome any situation.

Too many times we take our eyes off of Jesus and begin looking at ourselves, our situation or what’s going on around us – and what happens then?....things seem SO much worse! We have empowered the situation by focusing on it, instead of our Lord.

*** I’ll give you a little tip for free: If you watch the News on loop and saturate yourself in everything pandemic related, you enable fear to have a stronghold. You are probably not even aware of the manipulating words that mainstream media uses to exacerbate your fears. ***

👉 Come away from the News and watch fear dissipate! 👈

What you focus on, you magnify. What do you want magnified in your life? Your problems, the world’s problems or Jesus?

For example, if you are panic buying, what are you focusing on? Lack? Fear? Anxiety?

When we focus on Jesus, He allows us to see the bigger picture. He helps us to see things from HIS perspective and believe me, when I say it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s yes, and amen!

Are there horrible things going on? Truly, definitely and for some people it has affected them personally, deeply – not just through the News or hearsay. 😞

But I am particularly talking to the rest. There always has been horrible things happening in the world and around us, but what might you be able to do to help instead of hinder? How can you spread hope instead of fear? Positivity instead of negativity. 👂👄 👀

Instead of grumbling about being stuck at home, how about seeing it as a time to spend more quality time with your family or really dig deep, spending more time with the Lord, journaling and exposing what hasn’t been working for you for a long time.

Maybe now is a good time to think about making those changes you put off and brainstorm solutions?

If change has been forced upon you, how can you take back the power and make it work for you?

This is an opportunity to do more journaling, brainstorming, reading, listening...filling your portals with the things that will grow you, develop you and inspire you.

Look through a different lens and you will see opportunities instead of obstacles. 🧐

Do not be anxious for anything, beloved. Do not worry and do not fret. Instead focus on Him, the one who is your Strength and trust Him with your very life. It doesn’t absolve you of stepping out (He guides your steps) or using discernment (or even common sense!) but be aware of what you are focusing on because that WILL lead your thoughts and your actions.


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