Do you feel guilty for wanting more out of life?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I know I did, for a long time. I have a gorgeous family, I’ve had great jobs, been involved in amazing ministries, lived in fabulous places, been to wonderful places and met lovely people but I wanted more. What in the heck was wrong with me?!

I really did think there might be something wrong with me, until I noticed a pattern and I realised something….what if God was allowing these feelings of dissatisfaction, so that I would move, so that I would take action? What if His plan was greater than mine? 🤦

It stands to reason that, if we are comfortable, we ain’t moving and if we are not moving in some way, we are not growing and if we are not growing, we are not maturing.

As Christians, we are to mature into the Head, which is Christ.

These movements can be anything from moving job, country, church or house, retraining, training, learning new skills, developing existing ones, changing career, investing in professional support…

Something, anything that involves CHANGE, something that involves ACTION on your part, something that could and most likely does – involve RISK – your time, your money, your comfort zone. 🗣️ Listen up, I’m speaking from experience!

God will allow you to become uncomfortable or dissatisfied so that hopefully, you will be prompted to take action…action that will cause you to GROW in some way.


So, instead of feeling guilty about being dissatisfied where you currently are, seek the Lord on what the root of those feelings might be. 🙏🏽

Be open to the real possibility that He wants you to make some changes, that will not only benefit your life but those He has given you to impact. And they are out there! Waiting for youuuuuuuu to become the woman God made you to be! 🤩

I’m excited to work with Christian women that know they are MADE FOR MORE, helping, supporting, and encouraging them, with real tools, a bucket load of passion and a sprinkle of inspiration, that gets them from where they are, to where God wants them to be.

Specifically those women who want to build an impactful business around their purpose.

If that is you, I invite you to join me in The Inspiration Club (launching 11th January 2022).

À bientôt! ❤️