Does your life look anything like you want it to?

If you're not producing favourable results, take a closer look at your every day language.

I was talking with someone who wasn't producing the results they wanted.

I recognised the language of limiting beliefs that they consistently used.

Do you use sentence starters in your every day language like: I have to, I should, I need, I can't?

Even words like: 'always', 'only' & 'if' can produce thoughts, opinions & beliefs that don't serve you well if used consistently in a negative way.

I shone a light on those words & their negative connotations for this person. They weren't aware of it, it was habit, normal.

The great thing about habits, is that with a bit o' commitment & consistency, they can change.

You can think & talk your life better, but it doesn't happen overnight, it took a while for you to create those habits, it will take a while for your brain to believe you & change them.

I invite you to release the pressure you put on yourself.

Practice catching yourself when using those words & be aware of how you're using them. Does it leave you feeling empowered or disempowered, victor or victim?

A few options to switch to that will support action & positivity: I can, I will, I get to, I choose.


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