Empty Nest? Strategies for Easing a Stressful Transition

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

First off, let me start by saying, whether you are currently in the empty nest transition or about to be; these practical tips can help you through.

👉🏽 We can’t do anything helpful when we live in denial. So, the first thing I will always say, is acknowledge. You might be experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions that range from anxiety, through fear, sadness and even misplaced guilt. So, be very aware of your feelings, acknowledge them, and give your emotions room to work through.

👉🏽 Take control of your life. Whether you realise it yet or not, YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you progress in this new season. You are a victor, not a victim so think like it and act like it and sure enough, your feelings will soon follow. Change your focus to look for opportunities, rather than things that you perceive to be wrong.

👉🏽 The future may now seem scary and you may be thinking that you are not equipped to handle it. Remember your successes of the past, including raising an amazing adult! Spend some time, writing down everything you can remember that you have done, that would be considered a success, then look at what skills were needed to accomplish them, and you will see how equipped you truly are.

👉🏽 Speaking of the future, it’s great to set goals and we’ll look at that in a moment but remember to also be very present. I know it may still hurt now but you also don’t want to miss the joys that can be found in each day because time can pass so quickly. When you wake up each morning, thank the Lord for 3 things in your life that you are grateful for, however small and remember, throughout the day, to look intentionally for those things that make you smile. For example, every time I see a robin or a butterfly, I smile, I love them! I love the colourful flowers in my garden or when the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. I try not to take things for granted.

👉🏽 Be mindful of your thoughts. This is really important. We tend to live as we think. You need to be pro-active with your thoughts and be very aware when the negative and destructive thought patterns are trying to hijack your mind and lead you down a miserable path. Stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and don’t give them time to fester and make up scenarios that haven’t even happened.

👉🏽 Be positive about what is going on in your life, again, be pro-active about it. Do things that energise you. If you love nature, take regular walks through the park. Maybe art makes you happy, go to some galleries. Do something different than you normally would, dancing round the house or listening to inspirational podcasts. Look after your body, exercise, drink more water and slow down and breathe deeply.

👉🏽 Don’t alienate yourself from others because of how you might be feeling. Join groups of people in the same transition as you, so that you realise you are not alone but most importantly, surround yourself with people that encourage you and lift you up, not bring you down further.

👉🏽 In times of stressful transition, it's important to get out of our own head! Do this by, spending quality time with the Lord, soaking, worshipping, praying, journaling and meditating on who He is. We can volunteer and help others. There are many ways to focus on others, rather than ourselves.

👉🏽 Get help, support and encouragement from a professional. There are people out there trained to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, much more quickly than trying to do it all by yourself. These are called Coaches. A Coach is trained to help you to live your best life possible and they have various tools and techniques to do this, including helping you to set and achieve realistic goals, overcome obstacles and challenge limiting mindsets.


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