Great Nudgers!

My cat Rigby is a funny fellow. 😺 He's very much a lap cat & loves all the attention so if you stop stroking him - he'll pat you with his paw or nudge you with his nose! Where do YOU need a nudge in your life? What have you stopped doing or maybe haven't started yet that you really want to do? Maybe it's that dream that you buried because life got in the way or that new skill you wanted to learn or maybe it's that switch that you really want to make from employee to entrepreneur. Whatever it is, a Coach is a great nudger! We're trained to help support you on your journey & nudge you in the right direction, out of your comfort zone and towards what you REALLY want out of life. So, if you're a Christian woman with an unfulfilled dream or a yearning that you're not living you're best life, have a look at this page to see how we can work together:

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