He looked at me like I was mad!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I remember when my boy was little I was scared he had ADHD because he was so restless at school. I took him to the doctor & the doctor looked at me like I was mad & said, "There is nothing wrong with him. He's bored!"

The thing is, I invested a lot of time in him at home. I realised that he had to be constantly engaged & learning & he was so creative! Still is actually!

But he wasn't getting the same stimulation at school, bless him & he was bored.

As soon as I brought his teachers up to speed it was better. He just needed his brain to be engaged in a creative way. He needed focus.

I don't think this changes as we get older. It's just that when we get older & we get bored, we get stuck in rut & nothing seems exciting anymore. We lose that childlike wonder & it's hard to get motivated.

We drift & live without purpose.

Life is full of amazing wonders & we have such a capacity to experience it & to grow. Don't miss out, it's not too late.

Don't overwhelm yourself. There's always someone who can help & support you to get there.

For example if you struggle with purpose, I would love to help you to activate your Kingdom Calling with your own business that utilises your unique self & makes a difference.

Join me in The Inspiration Club (launching 11th January 2022).



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