"I'm building my empire! Mwah ha ha!"

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

"I'm building my empire! Mwah ha ha!"

This is what I heard a CEO say once. OK maybe he didn't do the evil laugh but that's what it sounded like to me!

It really grated on me. I mean REALLY grated on me. Something clicked into (or out of!) place.

It didn't sit right with me that I was building HIS dream. You're probably thinking, what the heck is wrong with that?!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it but if something doesn't sit right with you, it usually isn't.

We are given discernment/intuition for a reason.

My discernment was telling me, to get the frack out of there! I didn't understand it at the time because it was a well paid job but I left.

For some reason, I did the same thing again (duh!) left & went into uncertainty.

I questioned the decisions I had made - what if I had done the wrong thing?! I went into panic mode feeling useless.

Through coaching & revelation, I found my purpose. I couldn't settle in those other roles because there was something ELSE for me to do & it was TIME to do it.

It's something like, only 2% of the population will go for their dreams.

I actually find that sad & it's my purpose to DO something about it.

We all have a light to shine & we can ALL make a difference & that difference can light US up too.


PS If you are a purpose-driven Christian woman who longs to start her own business, join me in The Inspiration Club (launching 11th January 2022).


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