I had re-occurring nightmares about huge waves coming at me & engulfing me. I used to wake up just at the point of engulfment, in a panic & a sweat. It was horrible. 👀

Do you know how I overcame those nightmares? I took swimming lessons!

It may sound strange & I still can’t swim very well, & I still have a fear of deep water but after I took swimming lessons, this is what happened with those nightmares:

👊 The frequency of them diminished drastically.

👊 The absolute terror that I used to experience, vanished.

👊 I more often than not control the outcome of the waves.

👊 I swim through or fly above or even ride the waves!

My point is, I took some sort of action & now that particular fear doesn’t control me anymore.

Even taking baby steps, ONE SMALL ACTION CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE & set you on a different path. I took a few swimming lessons & that controlled the nightmares.

And, yes, I do see that I must take more swimming lessons so that I lose the fear in real life about deep water and especially so I can realise my childhood dream of being a mermaid! 🤣😝

But think about it, how is fear controlling you? What is it doing to you or stopping you from doing?

And what small change can you make to start to make a difference?


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