In-fighting, judgement & criticism - oh my!

There appears to be a lot of criticism and judgement going on in Christendom about messaging. So much in-fighting and pointing fingers. Sigh.

It seems that those who focus on loving people, making them feel included, and who are motivational, encouraging and inspiring, are being judged by those who call themselves holy, focus on jumping through hoops, with works – based theology, who seem to want to make others feel like they are never good enough, that their life and dreams don’t matter, and that Father God doesn’t care about them as individuals, just as long as they are holy (check out the definition for holy). 🤔

Yes, unfortunately, I see this all the time and the results of it (not good, by the way). 😔

It’s that, ‘if you’re not the same as me and think like I do, you’re wrong, mentality’.

You know, the bible that you worship so much and use to bash people and belittle what they do, shows us, that the disciples were very different in character. Simon was called the zealot, Barnabus, the encourager, John is widely known as the love disciple, Peter, illiterate and outspoken, Paul, well-spoken and very learned and so on.

❤️ They were NOT carbon copies of one another but they shared a common goal – their love for Christ and wanting the world to know about Him. ❤️

We all have DIFFERENT parts in the Kingdom. We are not given all knowledge, this side of eternity…and for good reason. We know in part, we see in part.

Whilst you may feel called to focus on sin, darkness, hell and punishment, that’s not MY bag…thank the Lord!

Inspired people, inspire people! Personally, I have never been inspired by sin, darkness or hell and the people drawn to what I say, won’t be either but that doesn’t make them any less “Christian” than you.

There are some of us who prefer to focus on the Light and the light we have been given to shine (yup, we are ALLOWED to shine! Matthew 5:15-16). 🌟

🤩 I want to inspire people, to meet them where they are at and to encourage them up to the higher place where they can see from a new perspective, a fresh perspective, God’s perspective. 🤩

There is far too much bondage going on, that shouldn’t be there. So many people are already miserable and feel trapped, I don’t want to add to that, thank you and I am not called to add to that.

Jesus is GOOD news and it’s HIM, that I worship. It’s Him that LOVED me out of the darkness into the light. Despite the rules others say I have to follow so that I never get separated from Him, I KNOW I can’t be separated from Him, because He and I are one. ❤️

So, if you don’t mind, I’ll continue to encourage people and I’ll ‘take my chances’ 🙄 by focusing on Jesus and love, and not sin, punishment and hell. Soz mate but if that’s YOUR bag, please, feel free but, don't try and belittle those of us who feel called to contribute by showing love and encouragement.

Without your permission, I will continue to help others to experience the true freedom that they have in Christ, so that they can discover the nuggets of gold that they have inside and how they can make a difference in this world through their God-given talents and uniqueness.

💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

Results I see?...this actually brings them closer to Christ. 👑

What you focus on, you magnify. I’m going to focus on Jesus, on love, light and freedom and watch people be transformed through that. 🦋

There are people out there, like me, who are not at all inspired by sin, punishment and hell and trust me, those people are NOT going to be like you or think like you or act like you, no matter how much you berate them.

You do you, and I’ll do me, thereby bringing balance to the force! Sorted. Peace. ❤️


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