It's Not Too Late

"I've been working in admin for so many years. I'd love to do something more meaningful but it's too late for me now."

This was part of a conversation I was having with a woman in her 50's and it made me sad that she thought that way because I know that when you think that way you become a self-fulfilling prophecy as your thoughts and actions continue to prove you right.

She's not the only one, there are many women out there that feel the same - believing that there is nothing more out there for them.

Are you one of them?

After just a 5 minute conversation, I could tell that her eyes were opening to things she had never even considered a possibility but the good news is, you CAN change your mindset and you can discover the nuggets of gold within that were there all along and live the meaningful life that you crave.

I showed her that all those years in admin weren't wasted. What can I show you?

Join me in The Inspiration Club and let's begin the year as you want to go on…with PURPOSE!

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