Oh thanks. That's much better!

Have you ever been doing a task in a room that's not well lit, someone comes in switches on the light & you go, "Oh thanks, that's much better!"? Many a time I'll be in the kitchen doing something with just the ambient lights on. Hubby comes in, switches on the main lights & suddenly I can see so much better! I always say, "Oh thanks, that's much better"! He'll say, "Why don't you just switch on the lights?" I don't know. Maybe habit. Are you in the habit of doing things as if in a dimly lit room? Not all habits serve us well & if you would love to be your own boss & run your own business but you don't know where to start or what business, the road can seem dark, even scary - yet you continue to struggle on a dimly lit journey. Let me turn on the light so that you can see more clearly. I've been where you are & I am further ahead on the entrepreneurial journey - I can help you to get from A to B much faster than you trying to do it alone. Once you see how I can help, you'll go, "Oh thanks, that's much better!" and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

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