Perspective, perspective, perspective!

As housing experts, Phil & Kirsty like to say "Location, location, location". As a Coach, I like to say "Perspective, perspective, perspective".

When I was little, I remember my school walk being miles & at least an hour, so I recently looked it up.

Google Maps assures me that it was only 17 minutes. 17 minutes! What happened to the other 43 minutes 😮

The walk being long was my perspective. It wasn't the truth but it was my truth. It was what I believed as a child & I carried that belief into adulthood.

We live, act, make decisions & choices based on our perspective, our truth, so it's important to regularly check our life goggles & ensure that our perspective is not the hindering kind but the empowering kind & a Coach can help you with that.

If you are a Christian woman who struggles with purpose, so much so that you now believe you don't even have a unique purpose - I can help you to change your perspective to an empowering one, because the truth is, you DO have purpose.

🔥 I help Christian women who are struggling with purpose to activate their Kingdom Calling & create an online business, without having to learn complicated tech & strategies, using my H.E.R.O formula, so that they can be confident in who they are & what they have been called to do. 🔥