Sick and tired of doing resolutions the old way? Read this…

My husband asked me what resolutions I made for this year and I replied “None”.

You see, I realized that resolutions can set you up for failure. Seriously, how many of you stuck to your resolutions from last year? 🤷‍♀️

If you did, great but if you didn’t, how do you think that affected your mindset?

You may not even realise the subtle negative impact it had on your thoughts about yourself.

Our thoughts build into our truth, into how we see things. We all have filters in which we see the world around us. 👀

I discovered a much better strategy for the New Year and it works for every day of my life….make decisions, not resolutions.

You may think the difference between resolution and decision is negligible but, however subtle the difference, there IS a difference and it’s THAT difference that makes all the difference! 💃 💃

Making resolutions is generally THINKING about what to do rather than actually doing it and so people find that they either never get started or they can’t sustain it and so give up.

When I make a DECISION rather than a resolution, I’m more likely to DO it because I have made a decision to do it. I am committed it to it. It’s been decided. I make the goal, create the plan and execute it.

I take decisions far more seriously than I ever have, a resolution. 🧐

So, if you have found that you get nowhere making resolutions no matter how enthusiastically you start, knock those on the head and start making decisions instead.

What DECISIONS will you make for this year?

❓ ❓ ❓ I’d love to hear, what ONE THING will you decide to do TODAY that will make a positive difference in your life? ❓ ❓ ❓


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