Stop, drop and roll!

Stop, drop and roll!

I was taught this at school to stop fire from spreading, if any part of me caught alight.

You can do this with negative thoughts!

When a disempowering thought comes into your mind, unless you immediately do something to disarm it, it's going to catch fire & spread.

That one thought can turn into a whole story that will lead your decisions, choices, actions & beliefs.

Here's an example: "I can't afford it."

"I can't afford it," is not an empowering thought & is not usually based on fact but belief.

It's not about your resources, it's about being resourceful.

I was talking with someone who honestly believed that they had no options & that they were stuck in a hated situation because their finances were dire.

Their mantra was, "I can't afford it."

As a Coach I know, it's never really about money. There's usually an underlying belief that keeps you stuck in that loop.

So we got to the root of the situation - fear. It wasn't lack of money that kept them stuck, it was fear of moving into the unknown.

The money was just an excuse. They DID have options.

So the next time you are aware of a disempowering thought - STOP, DROP & ROLL within your mind & don't let that thought spread out of control🔥


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