The birds don't care & neither should you

As I sat there in my garden, relaxing in the sun, I was listening to the birds, listening to all the different sounds, so many different sounds. Some sounded beautiful to me.

Some did not. 😂 Some were just plain irritating!

But they just do it. Continually. They don't care who's listening or who isn't.

They don't care if we like it or not, they just get on with it.

It’s who they are.

It’s what they do.

This got me thinking about people.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t care if no-one ever resonated with our message. We’re not birds!

There are some people who won't resonate AT ALL with your message.

They won't understand your message.

And there are some who find your message downright irritating.

The point is – just speak your message. There WILL be people that will love your message.

They will find it beautiful because it will really resonates with them.


So, keep speaking your message. And don't worry about what people think.

Don't worry about those people that don't understand it.

They're not your peoples. They're someone else's peoples.

So stay in your lane. Just speak YOUR message, your authentic message,

and it will get to the right people.

We can all make a difference somewhere.



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