The Exciting Rise of Godly women

I see many women coming into true freedom in the next season.

These are the women who have been living some kind of half life because of the limiting beliefs they have held about themselves, about who God is and about how He sees them.

These women are amazing, with a strength that they haven’t yet realized but they sense a rumbling, a shift in the Force, if you will! 🤣

The enemy always tried to counterfeit or counteract what God is doing. This is why we are seeing a rise in “strong” women in the world, the women that trash men to raise themselves up, the women that are aggressive because they believe that is strength, the women that won’t show vulnerability because they believe that is weakness, the women who are projecting destructive anger instead of love.

💔 These women are hurt women who don’t know how to process their hurt in a healthy way. 💔

💪 Jesus is our strength. Through Him, our hurts are properly healed, and we can walk showing great love and vulnerability and walk in authentic power. We don't have anything to prove, our eyes are fixed on Him. 👀

We won't argue, debate and fight to prove we are right, instead we will walk in the confidence of who we are in Christ, rooted and grounded in Him. 🌲

Though others will try to put us back into some kind of bondage because they can’t yet fathom this true freedom and are uncomfortable with anything outside of tradition, we continue to go forth in love, using the gifts, talents and skills that we have been blessed with, to facilitate the personal mandate we have each been given, helping, supporting, encouraging and inspiring the sphere of influence that God gave us.

This rise of Godly women is exciting. They will be influencers, leaders and pioneers, showing strength in love and unity, not competing with or tearing each other down, instead they will lift up and encourage. 👑 👑 👑

I am glad to be part of this group of women and I can’t wait for you to join us. ❤️

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