The HERO Journey - Part 1

On my entrepreneurial and purpose journey, something became very clear to me: there is so much noise out there and apparently everyone has the answer you seek - do it this way or fail - everyone else is wrong!

I got distracted, I got overwhelmed, I got frustrated and I got disillusioned.

I was beginning to lose confidence in what I knew I was capable of and I wasn't feeling the fulfilment I thought I would.

I have spent thousands of pounds seeking the answer to fulfilment in every day working. I tried a bit of this a bit of that but not quite hitting the mark. Don't get me wrong, there was fun and I learned a heck of a lot - I just realised it's really easy to get distracted if you don't know who you really are and what you're purposed to do and what God has given you to do it.

I took a step back to do some soul searching and to understand why I wasn't feeling fulfilled with the results I was getting.

What became clear to me is that because we are all unique, there is more than one way of doing things, some things will suit some and not others. It doesn't make them wrong or right.

I gave myself permission to "fail", to not give myself such a hard time and to stop comparing myself to others who got success with methods, that I quite frankly - hated!

I've been a Trainer, a Ministry Leader, a Business Owner, a Coach, a Mentor and a Consultant and I realised that I am not just one thing and that my gifts, talents, experience, passion and values all required to be working together for ME to be fulfilled. That's what I needed. Yours could be different but if I hadn't have taken the time to find out, I'd still be feeling that I wasn't quite on the right path and trust me, that is so frustrating.

The outcome of my soul-searching will be made a reality on 11th January 2022!

I pulled everything together to create the HERO Journey to help other Christian women like me who struggled with purpose, focus and confidence, who are perhaps multi-passionistas and don't fit in to any one box - the vehicle for that journey is The Inspiration Club.

Watch this space….more details will follow!

[Photo by bladeco70 on Pixabay]


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