The Hero Journey - Part 2

I realised that there are 4 over-arching components that were necessary for me to move forward.

There was a lot that went into pulling this revelation together and from it I created The ever-evolving Hero Journey. We evolve so the journey must evolve.

The HERO Journey comprises 4 major parts broken into smaller steps. The major parts are Harmonising with your irresistible identity, Empower your mind, Release your powerful purpose and own your online savvy.

The first part is a really deep dive into your authentic self. It's difficult to run a fulfilling business if it doesn't align with who you are and what you can do and what your purposed to do.

The second part is all to do with empowerment of your mind. Did you know that being an entrepreneur is only 20% strategies and a whopping 80% mindset? No, I didn't know that either when I started. Without the strengthening of your mind, uncovering your limiting beliefs and thinking, blasting through your fears and changing the way you think about money - you won't even get off the starting blocks! I learned that the hard way!

Thirdly, knowing yourself is only a part of it - it's important to know who your sphere of influence is and how to connect with them. You don't want to try and reach everyone - it's too much of a noisy world for that. This is also where the strategies come in. But like I said, there is more than one way of doing something and here I will keep sharing on what I learn. You choose what works for you.

And fourthly, the tech. You can't have an online business without it. I love tech and discovering new and cost-effective ways of running my businesses. I like to support the smaller and new tech companies which can be just as effective but give more flexibility and are great on cost.

That's just a brief overview of the revelation I pulled together and the journey I went on and am sharing in my membership club for Christian women.

The Inspiration Club launches in January. January 11th to be precise and it's for Christian women who struggle with purpose and have no business experience but would love to have their own business.

Watch this space….more details will follow!

[Photo by jcoope12 on Pixabay]

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