There is no-one like you -own it!

Apparently cats don't like water. Umm, well I see my cats enjoying the garden - it's pouring with rain…they're not even flinching!

Got me thinking - how much do you live according to labels & the opinions of others?

Have you adopted a persona that matches a label, an expectation, even a throw away comment leveled your way in the past?

Your past does not have to dictate who you are now or who you want to be. The past is gone, you can't control the future but the gift you have, is your present, the now.

You have the gift of fresh new mercies each new day.

You get to write the lines & actions in this film - it's your life. You can rewrite as many times as you like. You choose what to say & how to act.

Don't let traditions, roles, expectations, fears, opinions, beliefs or labels mold you into someone you really don't want to be.

You are unique. There is NO ONE else who is YOU. That's your superpower - own it.

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