We incorrectly believe we are stuck...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As I opened the curtains I groaned as I saw one blue lid in a sea of green ones.

"Babe, you put the wrong bin out"!

My hubby rolled his eyes & said, "I KNEW it was the other bin"!

"So why did you put the blue one out"? I asked, genuinely curious. "Because I saw one of the neighbours had done it". "Well, they changed it". I replied.

It got me thinking - how many times do we not go with our gut, our instinct, intuition, discernment and end up with what we don't want or where we don't want to be?

Of course, knowledge & past experience can help with decisions but our intuition can be just as powerful if not more.

We have an inbuilt inner wisdom (yes, even you) that can't be worked out with intellect. It's a knowing, not an understanding.

As with anything, the more you use it, the more you'll master it & the more comfortable and natural it will be to you.

It's that inner guidance that helps you to trust your own decisions. How many times have you not trusted your own decisions & not followed your gut and then regretted it later?

So many believe they are stuck when, the truth is, the wisdom was with them all along.

Coaching helps you to recognise your wisdom & make healthy decisions that empower you.

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