What do we have in common with Superman?

My current journal has Superman on the front (surprise surprise!) along with words that describe his strength - like speed, hero & strong but I noticed it also says 'kryptonite'.

That is the chink in his armour - the only thing that can kill him; he becomes extremely vulnerable when it's near.

Bad for Superman but for us, (as long as they don't kill us!) we shouldn't dismiss our vulnerabilities.

We often try to hide from them or we are ashamed of them but vulnerabilities don't have to be viewed as weakness.

There's often strength or a hidden gift where you're vulnerable - lean into it to find out.

I cry really easily & used to see that as a weakness but I know now that I am extremely empathetic & discerning.

As a Coach, empathy & discernment are very useful tools to have in my toolbelt & these are some of my natural abilities that help to make a difference in someone's life.

What do you try to hide or what are you ashamed of, or see as a weakness?

How could you view those vulnerabilities differently & turn them round into strengths that can make a positive difference in the lives of others?

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