What do you do when life gives you lemons?

I'm sure you've heard the question posed, "What do you do when life gives you lemons?"

And I'm sure you've heard a variety of answers, including 'Make lemonade', 'Trade them for chocolate' and 'Chuck 'em back!'

None of those answers would be wrong - the point is, to take some kind of ACTION.

It all starts with perspective though. How do you see those lemons?

You CAN train your mind to see the opportunities in those lemons (challenges), instead of only obstacles & dead-ends.

🍋 Recalibrate.

🍋 Make a new plan.

🍋 Tweak your existing one.

🍋 Learn from the situation.

🍋 What is the experience telling you?

🍋 How can you benefit from this?

Life has a lot of lemons but lemons have their usage.

If you want to grow, develop, mature into the best version of you, living your best life, making a difference in the lives of others…welcome those lemons because lemons make you stronger.


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