What do you need to let go of?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In Autumn (Fall), as I was watching the leaves fall from the trees, knowing that soon they will empty as though naked, I thought about how we hold on to things - attitudes, thoughts, situations, jobs, even people because they're familiar, comfortable and/or secure.

But what if those things aren't serving you well anymore? What if they never did? 😮

Familiar, comfortable & secure are not bad, it's only when you want more out of life & they hold you back from moving towards something different, something better.

Sometimes letting go can makes us feel vulnerable as though naked & we may even feel dead for a while but like those trees, you're just gearing up for fresh & new.

Is it Autumn/Fall for you? Is it time to let go of those things that aren't serving you well, to make way for new life? The life you really want?

Let go & be comfortable with being uncomfortable for a while - it's only for a season.

With your something new, it's only uncomfortable until it isn't, unfamiliar will soon be familiar & insecurity will become security.


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