What foundations are you building your life upon?

In South East England, we are not at all used to earthquakes. We don't have them.

Yet a few months ago- we had one! 😲

It was an unfamiliar feeling as the house moved from side to side. Bit scary!

It got me thinking about foundations. What foundations are you building your life upon?

Are they strong enough to hold & build your dreams upon?

Do you have dreams?

To be honest, the bigger the better, I say but if your foundations are doubt, fear, unbelief - your dreams will be hindered, sabotaged, blocked or downsized.

As painful or scary as it might be, it's time to dig up those insufficient foundations & replace them with something better.

Hope, courage, belief, commitment, resilience. Things that you can build upon that can help to make your dream a reality.

I'd love to hear from you if you're a Christian woman struggling with purpose, who has dreams of starting her own business but you lack business & tech know-how & you fear, doubt & have unbelief in who you are & what you are capable of.

Together we'll work on your foundations & build a business based on your Kingdom Calling, giving you purpose AND income.

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