What has the glory of the Lord rising upon you got to do with your unique life purpose?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I was reading and meditating upon Isaiah 60 verses 1-5. The Holy Spirit led me there as I asked about life purpose and calling.

1 Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you,

And His glory will be seen upon you. 3 The Gentiles shall come to your light,

And kings to the brightness of your rising. 4 “Lift up your eyes all around, and see:

They all gather together, they come to you; Your sons shall come from afar, And your daughters shall be nursed at your side.

5 Then you shall see and become radiant, And your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you,

The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.

These verses talk about God’s glory rising upon you. It rises. This says to me that it is already there but when it rises it is in its optimal position, like when the sun rises.

Your life purpose is already in you, buried like a seed. God knew the works He wanted you to do before you were born. When you manifest your destiny, when His glory rises upon you, to its optimal position, your light will shine.

Notice it says your light. I believe we are in a partnership with the Lord, He chooses to work through us and as sons and daughters we are heirs with Christ – because of that, we have our own light to shine, albeit in partnership with God’s glory.

I am His and He is mine. Song of Solomon 2:16 and 6:3

Many Christians think that they have to disappear when they become believers and lose the wonderful signature style that God gave them in the first place, but I don’t think that is so. God’s glory will be seen upon us – his manifest beauty, perfection and holiness and when that happens, our light shines.

I believe that if you are walking in the Spirit, in the template of Christ and the tangible fruit of the Holy Spirit is present in your life, you can be your authentic self. You don’t have to lose who you are.

We believe in Christ, but we are not all the same in speech, character, style etc and I am glad we aren’t.

I’m glad we are different and can come together with different gifts, talents, personalities and experience.

Darkness covers the earth and even deeper darkness covers its people but that is when a light can shine more brightly, when it is dark.

Do not fear the darkness you see all around you, for that is when you can shine most brightly.

Verses 3 and 4 speak to me about our uniqueness, that we have our own tribe, our own group or type of people that will come to us, be drawn to us because of the light they see in us.

They come to your light, to your rising. This is your unique self in partnership with God’s glory.

There are people waiting for what you carry because what you carry is unique to you and exactly what they need. Let me expand on that a little, what you carry is Jesus and Jesus is what they are drawn to but the same people who are drawn to you, may not be drawn to me.

The way you manifest Him will appeal differently to different people at different times. You have the gifts and talents and experience and personality etc for them for right now.

Think about it and be honest, you are not drawn to every Christian, even if you agree with their message. There might even be some who are a turn-off to you personally but there are others whose style and demeanour, you can really align with and then there is that special one that bam! – you identify with on a whole deeper level.

They are carrying what you need at that current time and as you mature and grow, that may change to someone else that you identify with at any given time in your spiritual walk.

We know in part and we see in part, so we all have a part to play, we are all unique and all important.

Be wary of those who say they have all the answers and their way is the only way. As part of the Body, we are all given varying gifts and talents, that grow, develop, mature or change as the season requires.

Believe you me, when I say they haven't got your stuff, and even if they have, they don't bring it like you do!

Verse 4 talks about people coming to you, being nursed by you – these are the people you will help with your unique gifts, talents and experience.

I love verse 5 because it shows that as you manifest your destiny and help your tribe, your heart will swell with joy and that as you see the effects of your helping, you become radiant; meaning you send out light, shine or glow brightly but it also means you are greatly happy, hopeful or beautiful.

That’s the effect on you and that’s what it is to live your unique life purpose.

I have found that for many of us, purpose is combined with business and I LOVE that! That's how it is for me and that's how it could be for you too.

Making impact, making money & making a difference, being energised by what you do EVERY DAY.

God is releasing & accelerating many women into the business world as powerful entrepreneurs who flourish in impact & influence and I am excited to be a part of that calling.

I am PASSIONATE about purpose and I help Christian women who are struggling with their purpose, to activate their Kingdom Calling & create an online business, without having to learn complicated tech & strategies, using my H.E.R.O Formula, resulting in confidence & clarity of who they are & what they have been called to do.

So, dear sister in Christ, if you are fed of up of living a life unfulfilled and you want help getting unstuck, & living YOUR purpose, join me in The Inspiration Club (launching 11th January 2022) to take you on your own journey of discovery to uncover your unique business purpose & breaking through those stubborn parts in your life that are hindering you from moving forward.

Take care, and I'll see you in there!

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