What have God & a jack-in-a-box got in common and how does that help you?

God reminded me again that He is the God of Suddenlies.

He showed me a jack-in-a-box type toy and I could see the handle moving slowly as it wound one way and then I watched as it unwound the other way, like it was going backwards, then SUDDENLY the box popped open.

You know that saying, “Two steps forward, one step back”? 👣 🦶

I thought of that in comparison with the handle going forwards, then backwards – one way, then the other.

Sometimes, we are putting in the effort to progress in or with something and it can seem slow and arduous , sometimes exciting as we anticipate the success of what we are doing (i.e. waiting for the box to pop open) and then we hit that plateau or something happens and it seems like our efforts were in vain as things seemingly unravel, go backwards or stall.

It’s at that point that we can be sorely tempted to give up but then SUDDENLY the box pops open and what we were hoping for happens.

We are surprised, forgetting about all the handle winding that went before. 😮

God’s not surprised, the surprise is for us and He delights in the joy we experience – what loving Father wouldn’t?

He’s right there with you as the handle turns, so don’t give up and don’t be dismayed when it seems like all your efforts have been in vain because SUDDENLY that box will pop open.

You don’t know how close you are to achieving your goal, so don’t give up. ❤️

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