What life goggles are you wearing?

What life goggles are you wearing?

Life goggles - the filter through which you see everything. Are you victim or victor?

I was looking at my garden with it's vibrant coloured flowers & lush green plants & trees but I know that soon the flowers will disappear & the lush green trees will be brown sticks.

Yes, I am already thinking about that!

Honestly, if I don't watch my train of thought, I could get quite morose thinking about how long it will be before summer comes around again in all its glory.

I am NOT a fan of winter. Sometimes I miss living in a hot country & the beautiful beach I had across the road & I can feel hard done by that it didn't work out as planned.

The money we lost, the really difficult circumstances & the deaths of loved ones that we dealt with.

BUT, instead I choose to embrace the changes & look to the positives…

Winter positives: onesies, boots (in particular my beloved cowboy boots!), roaring fire, twinkling lights, less irritating bugs, Christmas & cozy. ☺️

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes life can be crapola & throw in a few (or many) curveballs, but if you can get into the habit of shifting your mindset to look for the positives & being thankful, you can be the victor of your story instead of the victim.



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