What perceived danger is keeping you stuck?

My cats love roaming around the garden at night but bonfire night had them shooting inside & cowering in the corner, bless 'em.

They're not usually scared but this year the noise was particularly loud.

They hid, sensing danger but they were in no real danger.

What about you? What are you hiding from to protect yourself?

What perceived danger keeps you stuck & not moving forward in your life?

👉Fear of what others will say/do?

👉Fear of failure?

👉Fear of success?

👉Fear of risk or the unknown?

Yes, it may feel cozy & secure inside your comfort zone but are you reaching your potential?

Are you using your gifts & talents to make a difference?

Are you living a fulfilling life?

Where you are vulnerable shows where you can grow. Lean into it.

Those fears keep you in a bubble but they also keep you from living your best life.


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