Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Personally, I believe anyone CAN be an entrepreneur but not everyone WANTS to be & that's fair enough & it's OK. You do you.

I do however think that there are some who are specifically CALLED to be in business in this way & if that's you, you'll sense the 'deep calling unto deep' as it were, even if you bury it, run from it or try to hide from it....like I did!

I always wanted to be my own boss but I avoided it for many years, preferring to hide & stay in "support" roles or management roles where I was comfortable, confident & where I could lead but ultimately the buck didn't stop with me.

But I couldn't settle & you won't either. You won't feel a sense of fulfillment until you are living authentically. Your life will be full but not fulfilled.

SO if you sense the Call and you DO want to start your own business but fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence or knowhow is stopping you - join me in The Inspiration Club (launch date 11th January 2022).

Together we'll create a business you love AAAANND work on the mindset & strategies needed to get you up & running.

It's a journey & a process but it doesn't have to take years to make it real.

How many more years will pass before you realise your Kingdom calling of being a successful business owner that makes an impact & a difference in your God-given sphere of influence?


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