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FREE Purpose Webinar!

Are you a Christian woman who is frustrated, disillusioned & disappointed with your life right now?

It's because sweet sister, you were made for more!

There's more to life than roles, responsibilities and tradition. 

Without purpose we drift, and before we know it years have gone by.


So if you're fed up of life not being fulfilling and you struggle with purpose - this webinar is for you!

In this FREE webinar you will learn:


✓ The POWER of using your God-given imagination to bring forth your purpose

✓ How to journal to unlock your hidden passions

✓ A great strategy for uncovering your SUPERPOWER

✓ The effective strategy that works but is the polar opposite to what "gurus" tell you to do!

✓ The journey action plan that will help you to build an impactful business around your purpose

  • Can you afford to continue as you are?

  • What's it costing you to NOT follow your dreams?

  • Will you choose to continue to live unfulfilled and let life pass you by?

  • Or will you choose to take action and change your life?


What will you choose?

Click the button below to sign up....

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